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Introducing Touch Free Condiment Dispensers

Phoenix, AZ -- Craft Culinary continues to adapt new technologies in making the food and beverage experience safer by installing Server Touchless Express condiment dispensers in all locations.

Server's Touchless Express dispensers are hand-activated units that portion sauces and condiments safely without contact. They’re the best way to dispense in foodservice where safety is everything.

PerfectSense™ technology detects user’s hand to dispense up to a 1-oz portion. Variable portions can be dispensed by removing hand before dispensing cycle is complete.

The dispensers ensure the contact point is far removed from food, while providing a single point to clean and sanitize. The sealed, sanitary system maintains quality and prevents tampering and cross contamination.

These dispensers are just one component of Craft's commitment to providing a safer and cleaner dining environment by removing a critical contact point. Watch the video below to find out more about this amazing technology!


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