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Fundraising Opportunities for


Would you like to raise money for your organization while working in a fun and exciting atmosphere? 
Craft Culinary Concepts, the exclusive provider of food & beverage service for State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals Football Club, partners with non-profit organizations by giving them the opportunity to meet their fundraising goals. 


What work would our group be doing if we were to fund raise through Craft Culinary Concepts’ program?

Craft Culinary Concepts utilizes volunteers from non-profit organizations to operate concession stands during events. Your group would take “ownership” of a concession stand. 

What this means is that the group is responsible for the staffing, inventory, money, cleaning, preparing food, selling products, and providing customer service to guests during an event. 


Does my group need to be identified as a 501 (c) 3 organization?

Yes, this is Craft Culinary Concepts’ requirement. Please go to for additional information.


What is the minimum age requirement for a volunteer?

Volunteers serving alcohol must be 18 years of age.

At the locations that serve alcohol, groups must understand and be committed to CCC and state alcohol policies. All volunteers selling alcohol not only have to be old enough to sell (18 years old and older), but they should personally be comfortable with selling alcohol. 


How much money can our group expect to fund raise by working at the State Farm Stadium?

Our payment structure is commission based on net sales of the concession stand. As of 2021 – 2022 season we went cashless and we are finding the fans are generous with credit card tips.  You get 100% of these. The amount of fundraising dollars greatly depends on number of volunteers, size of stand and number of events worked. 


How many volunteers do we need? 

State Farm Stadium has several sizes of concession stands ranging from 3 people to 30 people. Your NPO Coordinator will work with you to determine what location will fit your group’s needs


Contact our Non-Profit Coordinator:

Diana Hathaway

623-433-7628 - office

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