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Get to Know Stacy Decker!

Stacy Decker is Craft’s Director of Operations at Cactus Yards in Gilbert. Stacy works hard to keep everything running smoothly at one of our busiest locations. Check out the interview below to learn a bit about Stacy:

Background & Experience

I was born in Valdez, Alaska with both parents raising my brother and I to survive the elements. We then moved to Lake Tahoe and eventually I ended up in Arizona. I enjoy anything active outdoors with gardening and kayaking being my favorites. I am a mother of 2 awesome children. I have always worked in the food and beverage industry both BOH and FOH totaling 15 years, with a short break for about 5 years in the medical field. I received my AAS LPN from Pima Community college.

What do you enjoy most about working for Craft? What sets Craft apart from other companies?

What sets Craft apart from the rest is the phenomenal efforts to support your teams and personal growth in the company. They also took care of us throughout the COVID crisis offering education and well thought out plans for reopening. What I love most about working for Craft is the nature of our venues and entertainment locations: they are fun, keep it fresh and ever-changing! The people I am surrounded by in this company make our days fulfilled and meaningful.

What is something about you that most people may not know?

Something most people may not know about me is I usually have an unconventional animal in my house. Right now, I have an 8-month-old 15 lb. Flemish Giant Rabbit. He walks on a leash and skateboards with my daughter and me! He will grow to about 22 lbs.

Who is a woman that inspires you, and why?

The woman that most inspired me growing up is my grandmother, Rosalie Oliva. She was a strong Hispanic woman with a huge heart and amazing work ethic. She grew up on a working ranch in Colorado that her parents purchased after relocating from Mexico City. There she worked hard every day of her life to contribute to the family business. This woman introduced me to cooking from farm to table before it was cool.

Do you have any advice for young women starting out in their careers?

My advice to any young woman starting out in their careers is to communicate well and most will fall into place. And, to learn and teach every chance you get, even if it’s the guy repairing equipment in your building, ask questions often. It pays to be handy!


This post is part of a series highlighting some of the talented women of Craft Culinary Concepts in honor of Women’s History Month. Craft is proud to support women in advancing their careers in the food and beverage industry.


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