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Today's Employee Spotlight is on Victor Ruiz, a Craft team member at the Reid Park in Tucson, AZ. Victor has many talents, and works as a Prep Cook, Grill Cook, Cashier, and even helps with event setup!

Victor has grown so much with our location; Victor came in as a line cook and has slowly transitioned into so much more. Victor is always willing to help specially when it come to event set up and even new location set up. We recently opened our newest portable location in Tanzania and Victor played a huge part in getting this location set up and ready to go. Victor is always learning new things, like cashiering, Victor feared cashiering as he thought it would be too difficult for him but has surprised himself and the whole team at the great job he does.

Thank you, Victor, for all your hard work we are proud of you and we are very happy to have you on our team!


This post is part of Craft's Employee Spotlight Series, which focuses on recognizing the hard work and success of our employees at all levels.


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