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Today's Employee Spotlight is on: Prince Padgett, Cactus Grille Line Cook at ASDM

Always willing to help out, Prince has a great attitude and has become an integral part of our team. Ready to jump in wherever he is needed, Prince goes above and beyond his job description time and time again. Whether he's helping out with washing dishes, or running trash or product to another location, he is always a team player.

Prince is reliable, works great under pressure, and is always polite and genuine with our guests at ASDM. He embodies the Craft Culinary mindset of putting our guests first and we are all truly inspired by the progress he’s made both as a cook and as a person. Thanks for all you do, Prince!


This post is part of Craft's Employee Spotlight Series, which focuses on recognizing the hard work and success of our employees at all levels.


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