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Today's Employee Spotlight is on Faith Zuniga, a Craft team member at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, TX. Faith is a Barista at the Caribou Coffee stand, and she also Cashiers and helps out wherever she is needed!

Faith started working for Craft as a Cashier in the Will Rogers Auditorium with her sister Breanna. Later on when we needed extra hands at the Caribou Coffee stand, Faith didn't hesitate to help out despite not having any experience as a Barista. Now she not only makes delicious coffees, but she has also improved her customer service skills and does a great job of taking care of our customers.

Thank you, Faith, for all of your hard work and your willingness to learn new things!


This post is part of Craft's Employee Spotlight Series, which focuses on recognizing the hard work and success of our employees at all levels.


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