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Craft Culinary Concepts aligns with Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum mission

Craft Culinary Concepts is proud to be food and beverage provider for one of the most unique museums in the world and the most popular attraction in Tucson, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum! Part zoo, part natural history museum, and part botanical garden, the facility is set on 21 acres and is home to numerous animals.

Craft Culinary Concepts always aligns to the various needs of our clients. We work closely with the museum to identify opportunities to the food and beverage program.

One of the first decisions was made to only use organic and healthy ingredients in our food. We offer only 100% pure beef patties with no additives. People might notice shrinkage in this pure beef product as it has nor binders of fillers. We now offer locally made, organic and gluten free tamales from The Tamale Store in Cave Creek, Arizona. We will continue the commitment to as we offer only sustainable seafood products on our menus.

Another major change was made to minimize our environmental impact with savings on water, chemicals, transportation and reducing waste generation.

We switched from disposable containers for on premise dining to a reusable plastic basket with a single sheet of natural brown wrap as a liner. This represents a 95% reduction in the waste generated in on premise dining at our fast service grill, Ironwood Terrace. In addition we changed the to-go containers to a compostable container which represents 55% reduction in the waste stream from to go containers.

In September 2016 we replaced the main dish machine servicing Ironwood Terrace and Ocotillo Cafe to a newer high efficiency machine. We have reduced the water consumption per load of dishes from 8.5 gallons per cycle to 0.8 gallon per cycle. The water savings from this change will reduce our water consumption by 136,875 gallons annually.

Our renovations in Ocotillo Cafe include new tables made from reclaimed wood and will also allow us to eliminate the use of table linens and to instead offer the natural beauty of wood table tops.

Craft Culinary Concepts takes pride in being able to adapt to the changing needs of our guests throughout the year by listening to feedback provided with regular surveys conducted during events by our managers and supervisors.

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